Friday, July 11, 2014

We take for granted the very things that most deserve our gratitude

This post has been a hard one for me to express. I wrote a LOT, and deleted it all. Finding the right words has been difficult because I don't want to offend anyone. That is not the purpose of this blog. The purpose of writing this it to teach you a little about autism, show you what it is like to have an autistic child, show you that autism is not the end of the world (it's actually humorous sometimes), and to get you thinking about your life.

Let me start with this:

 Today, I overheard a woman yelling at her son to, "shut up before she knocks him out." I'll admit, a month ago I wouldn't have been writing a post about this. I still would have been shocked, and felt bad for her son but, it wouldn't have me thinking about it hours later.

Today my heart sank when I heard it. It was like a dark cloud instantly appeared above me. Let me explain why. Every night, before I go to sleep, I pray. I pray for a lot of things, but the biggest prayer goes like this: "Please let Gavin start talking soon. I just want to hear his little voice. I want him to be able to tell me how he feels, what he wants, and that he loves me." Some nights I just say those sentences over and over.

To hear this lady tell her son to shut up, made me realize we take a lot of things for granted. What she took for granted, was what I pray for nightly. She didn't know her words were going to hurt me (even though I don't agree with what she said). Her words have me thinking though. I need to choose my words carefully. What I might be complaining about, someone else might be praying for. You never know who is listening, and what is going on in their life.

Gavin has inspired me, more than he'll ever know. Something tells me, he is just getting started teaching ME.

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