Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Today's blog is brought to you by: bribing my child to sign "more", the number 1, and squares

Yes, I bribed my child. Some days he does well signing "more." Today was not one of those days. So momma brought out the big guns. Yep, that's right, fruit snacks. I made him sign "more" for each single fruit snack. He was NOT happy with me, but he got over it quickly, without a meltdown. Now, I had to take his hand and help him sign it, but we got through the pack without any tears (from Gavin or myself). Oh wait! He signed "more" ONCE all by himself. I clapped and yelled so loudly, I woke up Keegan. I was so proud of him though. You see, EVERY milestone Gavin has (whether it is huge or something as simple as signing) is a very big deal!

I went to Dollar Tree today, and I found some preschool workbooks. I bought numbers and shapes. We are going to work on 1 page (front and back) each day. I have to do it hand over hand with him. He holds the crayon, I hold his hand. He did really well with the number 1. He even wrote two all by himself. :) Then, like an idiot, I decided to do the square worksheet right after the number worksheet. Some days he would have no problems doing 2 back to back pages, but I knew today wasn't one of those days. He is VERY "active" today (well, everyday) but he is more bouncy today. So I should have given him a break. He didn't do horrible with the 2nd worksheet, but I could tell he was getting frustrated.

One thing about autism, not only do I take it day by day with Gavin, but I have to take it day by day with myself, as well. Each day I learn something new. Today I learned that tomorrow we'll do numbers in the morning, and shapes in the afternoon. Here are the worksheets we did today. The 1's that are circled, he did by himself. I'm very proud of him!

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