Friday, July 25, 2014

The 3 M's: Memories, Music, McDonalds

Yesterday, my friend, Courtney, took family pics for us. I have never had family pictures taken because I absolutely HATE pictures! I sucked it up, and did it though. We needed a family picture. She also took Gavin's pictures for his 3rd birthday (which is tomorrow). I am going to be honest, I was dreading it! I felt like this:

Courtney has a son who is autistic, so Gavin did not intimidate (or frustrate) her at all. She is WONDERFUL! Gavin did a lot better than I expected. Yes, he was wild, and running around, but I *think* we got some cute pictures. No, I know we did. Have I mentioned Courtney is AMAZING?!? Seriously, she put me at ease, and just let Gavin do his thing. She worked with him, instead of trying to get him to work with her (which would have never happened). So, Courtney:

Today Gavin had his 2nd music therapy lesson. The plan was for me to wait outside, while they played music. I walked out the door and Gavin had a fit! We decided he isn't quite ready for momma to leave his side yet. :) He did better this time. He played the piano while Jan played a song. He would bang on the keys, and she would say, "Easy" and he actually listened to her!

To celebrate Gavin doing better at music therapy, I took him to McDonald's. He LOVES their chicken nuggets (imagine that ha). OH, LET ME PUT A WARNING ON THIS PARAGRAPH. I AM GOING TO SHARE TMI! STOP READING NOW IF YOU'RE EASILY DISGUSTED. KEEP READING IF YOU NEED A LAUGH. He ate all his chicken nuggets, and all his fries. How do I put this politely?There is no polite way to say it. Here:

Are you surprised? I live with 3 boys. I need to put this sign on my front door. Seriously though, I am gagging while I type this! 

Why did I post the last paragraph? I don't know. I thought it was funny, and maybe one of y'all could use a laugh today, too.


  1. We haven't done family portraits in years. Though, it would definitely be different now. Also, love the Sheldon gif :)

  2. Hi Bridgette! Welcome to Chatterbugs, I'm glad to have you with us. :) Thanks for the laugh! I can relate with you so much on that. I live with two boys. lol Hope you have a great Friday.

    Ps. I'm the same way with photos. I hate having my photo taken.