Sunday, July 27, 2014

Party, Party, Party

Yes, we had 3 parties for spoiled child Gavin. The first party was Friday night. We went out to eat, and Gavin was SO cranky. I turned on YouTube and let him watch his educational videos while we ate. Yes, we got lots of horrible looks, but I don't even care. Whatever kept him from whining the entire time. The waitress brought him a red velvet cupcake. He wanted NOTHING to do with it.

Keegan loved it though. Ha!

Saturday, family and friends went to my sister's house for a swimming party. Gavin LOVES to swim. I was actually worried he wouldn't want to get out of the pool for presents and cake. He did great though. I am SO proud of him. This is the first year, he actually opened his presents. I had to get him started, but he tore into them. His grandparents got him a little recliner. He opened all his presents while sitting in it. 

Gavin also shares his birthday with his "Uncle" Jason. They aren't related, but we are so close, they might as well be. Jason and Sabrina are two of my best friends. After the swim party, Jason, Sabrina, their two boys, Gavin, Keegan, Alan, and Neil (Alan's brother) and I went to a local pizza place. Gavin loves pizza.....normally, of course not last night though. He was so tired, he kept dozing off while he ate. He woke up FAST when they brought out his birthday cookie. 

Once he was full, it was right back to......

Needless to say, he was all partied out! He had a wonderful birthday though!


  1. Hi Bridgette,
    I'm Jules and a member of Chatterbugs too. :) Your Gavin is such a cutie and I think after all of those parties I too would be falling asleep! Let people have their opinions on what you choose to do with your child (ie. the videos). Sometimes you just need to do what you need to do.

    Feel free to stop by my blog anytime. :) Have a wonderful week ahead! Hugs

  2. Hi Bridgette! Happy Monday to you. Gavin is so lucky to have such wonderful parents like you to give him 3 parties! :) I would have been tuckered out too. lol He sure is cute! I know those looks that you speak of! People act like their kids never cried in public. It amazes me. I took my Godson to Walmart (who is autistic) and he had a full blown nuclear meltdown as we were checking out. NOTHING was stopping him from screaming. As we were leaving, this man actually yelled at me and told me to "shut that kid up, he's annoying everyone in the d store!" Then he proceeds to tell me that I should duct tape his mouth shut. People can be horrible! Anyhow, hope you're having a terrific Monday!