Thursday, August 7, 2014

Gavin's 1st day of school!

Gavin started school today, and to say I was nervous would be an understatement. My "baby" who JUST turned 3, was all the way across town, at an actual school. Now, I will say this, I AM BLESSED! 1. My best friend is one of the teachers in his room. 2. I use to work at that school so I know a lot of the teachers, and I know they will take good care of him, and keep me updated. I was still terrified though!

You see, Gavin attended daycare last year. He did good for a while, then his teacher left, and it went down hill after that. He was called a "nightmare" and I was told they didn't have the means to deal with a "child like Gavin." I'll be the first to admit, Gavin is a handful! Nightmare? Absolutely not! Hard to handle? Sometimes, but had they had enough staff, I think things would have been better. That's a whole different story, and I am not here to bash people. Anyway, my concern was that I would/will be told the same things at school. I know I won't, but daycare pretty much scarred me for life. Will he have bad days? Oh, I guarantee it, but I know that his teachers won't give up on him.

He had a good day!!!

This afternoon he also had music therapy. The goal last week was for me to drop him off, and go wait on him outside. That didn't happen! He wasn't having it. This week, he walked right into Ms. Jan's house, and I slowly turned around and walked away. I walked VERY slowly, because, I honestly thought he would pitch a fit when he realized I wasn't there. He didn't! I sat in my car, and I kept waiting on the door to open, and Jan tell me I needed to come in the house. That didn't happen either! 30 minutes later, they both walked out of the house. He did an AWESOME job! He danced, played a little music, and listened to his teacher. This is HUGE for Gavin! Usually he just walks around carrying things, and doesn't want to actually dance or make music. I was ecstatic! Jan and I both just bragged and bragged about how proud we were of him. I am VERY proud of my sweet Gavin. He is so lucky to have wonderful people in his life that want to help him. He isn't the only lucky one though. I am extremely lucky to have these people in my life, too. We are blessed!

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  1. That is awesome news about his first day at daycare and music therapy :) So happy for you!