Sunday, September 14, 2014

The chaotic (understatement of the year) birthday party!

Keegan turned one Friday. We went out to eat, and they sang Happy Birthday to him, and gave him a piece of carrot cake. Needless to say, he doesn't like carrot cake and wanted NOTHING to do with it.

Saturday we had his actual party. It was a NIGHTMARE. I wish I could say I was kidding, but I am not. :/ Let me start off by saying this though, Keegan has an ear infection. He has been on medicine for a few days, but still wasn't feeling 100%. Anywho, things started off good. We got there early and set up all his cute decorations.

 Thank you Sabrina for making his cake! It was beautiful (and yummy)!

Then the fun began. Gavin HATES loud noises. He goes into a full blown panic attack, and it is almost impossible to get him to calm down. Right before the party started, my BIL, decided to blow some leaves in the backyard. As soon as Gavin heard the leaf blower, WWIII broke out. Game over. He was upset for at least 90 minutes. He ran around crying, whining, and pacing. Nothing anyone did helped. Finally, I picked him up, held him tight, and started giving him a deep pressure massage all over. That calmed him down enough to not have to have me (or someone) right beside him at all times. 

I got Gavin calmed, and then Keegan decided it was his turn. Once again, I wish I could say I was kidding, but I am not. Keegan decided (right before presents and cake) that he didn't feel good, and wanted a nap. I thought maybe opening gifts and his smash cake would wake him up. Nope.... He did pretty good with the presents, at first. 

He quickly decided that wasn't fun and just wanted to walk around. Then....we got to the smash cake. I just knew he would LOVE it. He absolutely loved his smash cake at the photo shoot (I will post those pics later). Once again, I was wrong.

So, to the ones that messaged me apologizing for not attending, consider yourself lucky! Ha! Seriously, it was nothing but chaos. I had to laugh to keep from crying.I definitely will never forget his 1st birthday though. :)

At least one thing went right, his 1 year old photoshoot (taken BEFORE he became sick, so he was his regular happy self). My friend, Courtney, did an AMAZING job! I know I have already showed you one picture, but I have to share more. :)

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  1. I'm so sorry it was so bad. I know you aren't over reacting either. I wish I would have been there to try and help. Maybe I could have took him to the car to watch a movie or something. We have ways to escape of we have too :)