Monday, February 16, 2015

It's a Miracle!

A miracle occurred just now. Now, I realize some of you might not see this as a miracle, and that's okay. In this house, we celebrate every achievement, no matter how small it might seem. Tonight was HUGE though!

Every night it's the same routine, I change Gavin's diaper, get his toothbrush ready, chase him down, hold him down (while he screams bloody murder), and brush his teeth. He HATES it. Tonight went a little differently though. I came in with the toothbrush, he didn't move. I kept waiting on him to bolt as I got closer. Still, no movement. I bent down, ready to give "the calming speech" (that NEVER works). "It's okay Gavin, I promise I won't hurt you. We have to make your teeth clean and shiny." Anyway, I bent down and was getting ready to calm him, when the miracle occurred. He opened his mouth for me to brush his teeth.

 My next thought was, "Okay as soon as I start brushing, he will freak." That didn't happen either.
He sat there the entire time, and let me brush his teeth! The entire time I was cheering and bragging on him. Seeing that huge smile on his face (instead of the screaming) melted my heart. Way to go, Gavin!!!

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