Thursday, October 23, 2014

Moments, not milestones

Autism has taught me a LOT, but one very important thing is to appreciate the small things. Not the best wording, so let me explain. Your "small things" are HUGE things to me. Gavin did two HUGE things tonight.

1. He played with a toy correctly. See what I mean? To those that don't have an autistic child this probably seems like no big deal. To me, it is. He just recently learned how to play with certain toys correctly. Usually he just chews on them. Tonight, he played with a toy (correctly) for about 5 minutes. Him focusing on ANYTHING that long is a big deal, but focusing AND playing with it the right way. WOW!

2. Bedtime is the same every night. 8 pm I put him to bed, tuck him in, and tell him, "Goodnight. Sweet dreams. I love you to the moon and back." Normally, he doesn't look at me when I say this, and just wants me to get out so he can go to sleep. He is definitely my child. HA! Tonight, though, he made eye contact, let me kiss him on the forehead, and even held his hand out so I could kiss his hand. (Don't ask, I have no clue. That is just something he likes for me to do.) My heart melted! 

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